Juno Beach

On June 6 1944, 135,000 Allied soldiers landed in Normandy, including 14,000 Canadians and 8,000 British troops on Juno Beach, with 1,074 casualties, of which 359 were killed. However, the landings were a success and solid bridgeheads were established.

The Battle of Normandy, which followed the landings, was to last 10 weeks and cost the lives of 5,500 Canadians contributing to the liberation.

This Canadian landing site still has many visible traces of the past : remnants of the Atlantic Wall, bunkers, weapons and military vehicules...

Discover two museums :

  • The Juno Beach Centre, Courseulles-sur-mer : the Canadian museum on the D-Day Beaches. Relive the history of Canada and the engagement of its people in the various fronts of the Second World War.
  • 1944 Radar Museum, Douvres-la-Délivrande : Set up in the former German radar station, these two restored bunkers will bring to life the Atlantic Wall, the history of the radar and the daily life of the German soldiers.